Monday, January 17, 2011

how a poor lil pigeon finally found a home!

On sunday 16th Jan I was shaping up some bamboo hedges  (I luckily found at my sis-in-law's backyard lying wastefully), i was shaping them in a form of greenhouse or you can say a hut, my son and nephew helped me in holding them and we came up with this structure,, yippee we were overjoyed, now this structure can support my zucchinies, bitter gourds and other bean's vines and its green cover will eventually save my other potted planted from scorching heat of April, may and june. So it came up like this:-

We feed grains to pigeons and all day through we have lots of pigeons around our house, my bade bhaisaheb put lots of wheat and bajra on the adjoining roof of waterworks near out house:-

we suddenly found an injured pigeon hiding himself between the water tanks, it was quite afraid, and was shivering too in the dry cold winds, so the kids gave him some grains and a bowl of water and my son placed my small terracota hut i purchased around diwali for my garden decoration near him and here he is:-

un occupied hut

now its occupied, cute

I think he will recover in two three days or shall i do something else for it? I think he has been hurt by some cat or by some electricity wire, there is no sign of blood though on his body. I will wait today and then tommorow if is not able to fly i will take him to Jain's birds hospital.

more updates on pigeon later,

In the mean while i have dug up bed for spinach, methi and more lettuce in the green belt , so now i have a bit of garden on earth's surface too, and preparing some more seed beds in the another side of green belt too. container gardening is indeed difficult till i get some considerable amount of soil up there for many more containers.

my pok choys are coming up real fast I think in two weeks time we will get to eat them and i am really excited this is the first time i am going to eat pok choy that too grown by me yeah!!!!!:-

my first produce pok choy  :)

one of round red radish

spinach and methi bed
i have planted 8-10 peas they are coming up very well, and as geek gardner wrote in his blog radishes are for impatient gardeners like me, they too are coming up real fast.

more later..

Friday, January 14, 2011

whats happening to my sword beans??????

Five days back I transplanted my first sword beans vines. they were a quite healthy looking seedlings with their first true leaves, for experiment sake I transplanted two plants in the same containers and one each in one container like this:-

so they were doing well till yesterday and yesterday in the morning i saw one of my sword bean plant wilted.
Actually i planted them in two different types of soil as is visible in the photograph above i did it for experiment sake. I dont know where to source my soil from, this is the major problem in Gurgaon. Now the above right one has wilted it has died. So it means this soil is not worth growing plants. I picked it from a construction site nearby so it will have to be totally discarded. May be owing to the shortage of soil i will give it another chance by mixing some cow manure and compost in it. I havent even added any compost in this soil because i have read that beans dont have any fertilizing needs. Lets us see.....
more next time.