Friday, January 14, 2011

whats happening to my sword beans??????

Five days back I transplanted my first sword beans vines. they were a quite healthy looking seedlings with their first true leaves, for experiment sake I transplanted two plants in the same containers and one each in one container like this:-

so they were doing well till yesterday and yesterday in the morning i saw one of my sword bean plant wilted.
Actually i planted them in two different types of soil as is visible in the photograph above i did it for experiment sake. I dont know where to source my soil from, this is the major problem in Gurgaon. Now the above right one has wilted it has died. So it means this soil is not worth growing plants. I picked it from a construction site nearby so it will have to be totally discarded. May be owing to the shortage of soil i will give it another chance by mixing some cow manure and compost in it. I havent even added any compost in this soil because i have read that beans dont have any fertilizing needs. Lets us see.....
more next time.

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  1. Aww... but don't worry, your efforts are gonna pay off for sure..u'll love it when your terrace looks green, white, purple, yellow..full of fragrances and the peeping shadows under the bright sun and that lovely and sweet morning breeze... good luck for ur efforts girl!!