Tuesday, February 8, 2011

French round radish in containers.

Wow! this is another produce of mine that I am tasting, looking, harvesting and ahem growing for the very first time. I am on top of the world after harvesting my first round radish on the top of my roof yooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was my reaction today morning when I decided after two three days of contemplating with the help of googling, the exact time to harvest french radish. I prayed and then very very very delicately held the leaves of my organically grown radish and pulled it and lo... here it was the cute little darling ( in the back of my mind I was talking to the radish --" my baby did I hurt you?"). Here is the beauty in all its glory for you to see.... a moment to remember for me..

All ready to see outside world.
here she is,, wow what colour, its more beautiful than the seed pack showed.
and I rushed downstairs to show it to my husband, (you can see my impatience I havent washed it till now :-)  )

and then my hubby had to go to office and yes I prepared a simple, beautiful salad with this radish for him, and it turned  very nice, :( could not take a picture of that due to morning hustle bustle. I would like to tell, how i hated to cut the little thing with a knife but even then it presented a good show, i didnot peeled it and it gave real good shade to the salad with a mix of red, white and as i cut the leaves too so it was green too, I put some sprouted moong, lemon , salt and pepper. It was yum ofcourse, I could see it from the expression of his face and yes i was also very happy as it was totally oraganic fresh and home produced. You must be thinking why i prepared a salad for my Husband first, well he is the one who is sharing my new obsession with interest and helping me in every way he could, he deserve that don't he?

I have grown 14 red radishes  and they are all ready to come up within a week .

Here is how the radish journey began on my terrace in containers. It all happened in a month:---

I planted one seed in one small pot, but now after looking at the size of harvest I think I could have planted three in one small pot, well next time:---

Now this is what happened to Radish Number 2, goes to my dear Son Abhinav :-----

All Set......


hmmmmm... let me try (tasting radish for the first time)


will finish it mommy......

Today was a good day!!!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

hey! I am harvesting already.

Only one and a half month have passed and I am harvesting already. Yes, this gone Sunday I havested my first batch of Iceberg Lettuce, although it was not at the stage to be harvested but due to considerable hot weather it has started wilting and I dont want to let go what all I have left with. So here this is my first havest and I am proud of it, I think I havested in time,,,,,,,,, It looks so fresh and yes ofcourse it was scrumchuosly yummy, me, hubby and our son ate it without any seasoning:-------

We ate it within 15 minutes of harvest and it was yummy and I am hoping of one or two of more such harvest. I am wishing to collect some seeds too for the next year. Let us see. So these are some pic of lettuce on my roof top in the container--------->
Hmmmmmm..... I said "so these the lettuce and I can grow them in my garden".

This is the earliest pic of lettuce available with me, the earlier pics are lost some where in the jungle of my pics in my computer.