Monday, February 7, 2011

hey! I am harvesting already.

Only one and a half month have passed and I am harvesting already. Yes, this gone Sunday I havested my first batch of Iceberg Lettuce, although it was not at the stage to be harvested but due to considerable hot weather it has started wilting and I dont want to let go what all I have left with. So here this is my first havest and I am proud of it, I think I havested in time,,,,,,,,, It looks so fresh and yes ofcourse it was scrumchuosly yummy, me, hubby and our son ate it without any seasoning:-------

We ate it within 15 minutes of harvest and it was yummy and I am hoping of one or two of more such harvest. I am wishing to collect some seeds too for the next year. Let us see. So these are some pic of lettuce on my roof top in the container--------->
Hmmmmmm..... I said "so these the lettuce and I can grow them in my garden".

This is the earliest pic of lettuce available with me, the earlier pics are lost some where in the jungle of my pics in my computer.

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