Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You won't believe this!

Posting after a long time. Actually there is so much going on in my garden and wanted to share it all here but after spending time over there no time left for blogging, but today have taken a resolution that I am sure going to  blog atleast once a week, want to be in touch with all and yes! want ur kind advices and comments too.

yesterday - 7th March something great and amazing happened and i would like to call it a miracle. So right from the time I am attacked by 'the gardening bug' and googling all the gardening blogs and websites I was in search for a kind bug called the lady bug, specially after my geraniums were attacked by aphids. I searched for the lady bug in my surroundings but couldnt find it so i  thought let it be and just wished that from its own, some day lady bugs will come and help me out with aphids(though i sprayed the plants with mild soap solution  meanwhile). thanx to the use of excessive pesticides and insecticides in my part of the world I could'nt find any.

Now the amazing part! yesterday was my birthday and I was just attending all the phone calls of loved ones and I felt tickling on my left palm and when I saw what it is?...... HEY! it was a cute little lady bug. I was overjoyed, I think it was my birthday gift from God, hmmmmmm.... I think God kinda likes me gardening. You know what, I hadnt been to my garden or anywhere out that morning I was just in my room attending phone calls. Here I have clicked the little one:-

I rushed to my terrace garden after clicking its picture to share with you all, while it was still exploring my palm to give it an idea of prospective food joints it can have at my roof top but some how it flew away when  I was rushing towards the stairs, I was so excited that time that i forgot that it will fly inbetween if I will not hold it by both the hands, well, well, well in the evening I saw two ladybugs on my geranium, So thank u dear God for the long wished for birthday gift.

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